Sally's Birthday Message (excerpt) on 30/9/2001

Hi there! Once again I am here. I was OVER THE MOON to receive the "HOW HIGH THE MOON" mini chair this time! It is quite HUGE!! Not really a MINI! It is so well made and very very fragile. As you can see from my photograph, I am VERY careful with it! It is now on display in my Bedroom so we look at it before we go to bed every night and every morning when we wake!

I had a GRRREAT 40th Bday this year! My BIG 40! I must say I was rather shaky before the day came, trying to hang on to my 39th for dear life! I stayed up till 12 am just to make sure I can feel my passing from 39 to 40! Ha ha! It was smooth and I must say I feel better at 40 than I ever have at 20 or 30! It must be because I'm so HAPPPYY!! I was most happy that my Parents were here with me! It is important that I spend as much time as I can with them and I was happy to see them at my dinner and that they were enjoying their daughter getting older and older.

I must stress once again that you really do not have to contribute. Please don't feel obligated to contribute to this gift if you do not want to! I only suggested this for those of you whom really want to get me something and it is preferable to get me something I can really appreciate and if you all pool in, you will spend a very minimal amount of money, which is my main focus. Please don't keep getting me for every occasion! I have been trying to stop Diana from soliciting, but she is just so enthusiastic and cannot contain herself, so how can I get upset with someone whom is so passionate to get me a gift? So please make your own decision! You are just as important to me if you give me your understanding and support! Thank you once again for THIS contribution!


With the terror going on in the World today, and with 9-11, I would have to say, that I am Thankful every single day for every day that is peaceful in my own life. I Thank my lucky stars and I cherish every single person that has any relationship with me because if you can have ONE person be good to you, it's a treasure already, but to have all of my Friends and all of you be in my life, I can only say that it is truly a miracle and I don't know why I am so much luckier than those less fortunate than me, but I just never want to take it for granted! I can only say the Moon may be High, but I feel as though I have already reached it, and can ask for no more!! I want to Thank each and everyone of you for being in my life and making it as BRIGHT AS THE MOON!

Lucky ME!! Love Always, Sally


Information on Sally's "How High the Moon" Present

The design by Shiro Kuramata is first created in 1986 and has been made into a minature since 1999. It is one of the most important representatives of Japanese design of which Shiro Kuramata has translated a bourgeois symbol, namely the expansive plush armchair, into the language of post-modernism. It is a chair which reflects the shimmering de-materialized surface of pale moonlinght and weightlessness. It makes use of the poetic content of new materials such as Plexiglas and expanded metal and createss objects which oscillate between function and suggestion.

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