Feeling stressed? Don't know why you can't get something to work in this site? If words like "DOH!" and "Aaaaahhhh!" comes out of your thoughts and mouths or that those crinkly lines are slowly appearing on your forehead...well, you've come to the right page! Hopefully there's sufficient information here to clear up the confusion you have and throw a smile back on your face cos if it isn't helping, YOU better tell me or I can't improve on this to help you! YOU'RE the ultimate reader and user of this site so YOU make the call and i'll make the changes if there's enough voice to it (and logic of course!). If you're happy, that makes me happy! Please click on the questions in the table below to move around this page.

Visual and Audio Worries

Knick Knak Webpage Problems & Queries

Questions About Sally


Visual and Audio Worries
How do i move around the website?

> Well, like they used to say "BY GEORGE! YOU'VE FOUND IT!" if you got to this FAQ site! It's the row of links right at the top, just below the title "Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop".



Why can't I see all the menu links on my screen?

> I used a smaller font view when i input the text for this site. If you can't view all the links, it might be because the font is set too large on your browser. For adjustment, go to the top of your browser and click on VIEW -->TEXT SIZE to adjust to the appropriate font size. Otherwise, it means you have got to this webpage as a result of search engine caching. Click here to get to the full webpage of Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop website



What's the screen resolution?

> The screen resolution best to view this website is 1024x768 .



I hate all those pop-up adverts whenever i open this website! How do i get rid of them?

> Unfortunately that's the price to pay for using free services. Ease of use is compromised by free advertisments. If you have Surf+, you can click onto your Surf+ and adjust the settings to disable all pop-up windows. If not, you can click here to link to the Surf+ website to download the software. It is FREE and is only available for Internet Explorers Version 4 and up. Not to worry, the links in this site which result in a new window being open when you click on the link, will still open. This software will just remove the annoying pop-ups.



What are the requirements of this site?

> This site requires you to have Windows Media Player, Chinese En/Decoder and Real Player software to view the online interviews, text and listen to the radio interviews. Having Cable or ADSL connections will of course be a bonus considering the number of jpeg/gif files used in this web site.



Where do i get the tools required for this website?
> For your convenience, i have posted the links right here. Just click on the icons/underlined link to link to the relevant websites for downloading of the software. These links are also available in the "SITES" link.
Windows Media Player:
Real Player:
NJ Star: NJStar Communicator 2.30



I can't read the chinese words. What must i download to read it?

> You'll need a chinese en/decoder such as NJ Star: NJStar Communicator 2.30

> If you've already got a chinese en/decoder, then I'd suggest right click on your mouse --> Encoding --> Chinese Traditional (Big 5) which will reload the webpage in the appropriate format.



I can't watch the online interviews. What must i have?

> You'll need Windows Media Player



I can't listen to the radio interviews. What must i have?
> First of all, check if you've got Real Player

> If you've got Real Player, in which case it might be an overwhelming number of listeners listening in to the radio stations, thereby jamming up the streams that's available. If this is the scenario, you can either continue to try patiently or perhaps return a little later to attempt again.



Knick Knak Webpage Problems & Queries
How come there's multiple URL addresses linking to "Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop"?

> Whatever I do in this webpage, I only have your interests as users at heart. You have a choice of remembering the original long address OR the short sweet one which is easy to remember. Either link will still lead you to this webpage. You make the call!


How often is this website updated? Where are all the updates posted?

> Pretty much whenever there is news on Sally and whenever I have the time to create the little bits of extras. As i am doing all the maintenance work, there might be slight delays here and there but never too long a time...unless I'm on holiday! So it's always good to keep an eye on the "From Me to You" section on the index page to check for notices if you don't see any updates going on...

> The daily updates are at the initial page of the website but if you wish to retract and read the past news, they are available in the "News" link situated on the strip of menu right at the top of the webpage.



It says there's an update but the link doesn't show any updated news! What happened?
> Couple of scenarios for you on what could be happening...
  1. Try to refresh the webpage. As i'm using frames, right click anywhere below the menu and choose refresh for that particular webpage.
  2. I am uploading the webpage in progress just when you entered the website! Give me some time before you refresh the page!
  3. There is malfunction at the web server resulting in faulty uploads but don't fret cos I always check that things are in order by testing the links and what nots before leaving it as it is.
  4. Malfunction of the webserver that takes a few days to resolve the technical problems. Meaning...I can't do anything about it either cos Hey! I'm using free services here! Give and take a little...I don't have the control over "unforseen circumstances"! Come back from time to time to check if the website is back on track.


I can't wait for the updates. I want to read it now. Where can i surf to read the news on my own?

> Go to the "Sites" link right at the top of the webpage, situated along the strip menu. All the news websites links that I go to for updates are all up there unless it's some obscure site which I found by chance.



How come it takes so long to download a page?

> My website is quite heavily content based. Meaning, there's lots of photos and information. I love photos and I'd like to share them with you. I bet you guys want to view them too if you want to know how Sally looks like past or present. I don't know about you but I personally don't like to view small photos where I have to squint to have a good look at it, so I've put it up at a reasonable size. Unfortunately, it also means a slightly longer download time unless you're using cable or ADSL! I've already reduce all photos to the minimal size to facilitate faster loading. Be a little patient if you want to view the good stuff!



How come the pages sometimes don't load, don't exist or comes up incomplete?

> As I've mentioned above, it might be either in the process of updating or that the external server has malfunction. Give it some time before doing a refresh on the webpage or if it still doesn't work after a day, it means that the server is down of which I can't do anything about it but I will ensure everything works well as soon as the server is back up and running.



How come this website is so plain? Why isn't there any fancy designs and interactive features?

> Many reasons. I'm still in the process of learning how to develop webpages and creating those interactive features. I am probably not very artistic in design hence the plain outlook. Drats! >_<



I want to listen to Sally's music, why aren't there any song files like other Sally web sites?

> Rules and regulations of the server limits what I wish to contribute in this area. I am attempting to work around this rule by providing you with external links which contains the music files. Also, my logic is if I can outsource, why put them on my server when you can find them situated elsewhere?! In addition, I am also in the process of editing "test listening" files but that'll take time to do them. They will be presented in due time. Please be patient.



I am looking for some information about Sally that isn't on the website, who do i ask?
I want to contribute something to the website, how can i do this?
I want to voice out my comments about this website, how can i have my say?
This FAQ is not informative enough, please do something about it!

> Probably best to e-mail me. I'm not saying I'd be able to answer all the questions you've posed but I'll try my best to help you with the resources I have and from the sources I know. New resources are always a welcome but will be subjected to my discretion whether or not to put them up for viewing. One thing is definite, sources will be recognised if your resources are used.



Questions About Sally
I want to contact Sally or send something to her, where do i write/send to?

> You can now post Sally a message on the "SALLY YEH Q&A FORUM": -

Free Message Forum from Bravenet.com


I want to communicate online with Sally and other Sally's fans, is there a website i can go to?
> You can visit the Friendly Lodge website where Sally and fans from all over the world congregate and communicate! We maintain a friendly atmosphere in the lodge and welcome all fans and visitors who would like to join our happy family!




Is there a "Sally Yeh Fan Club" right now?

> Unfortunately nope... but if there's one, you'd be the first to know!



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