24 June 2015

Dearest Friends, Long time no see everyone! The other day.. Lao Yu Yeew Yueh (魯豫有約) did an interview on me.. and started a WeChat group for this interview which I found out about later.. The fans on there were very sweet and eager.. and somehow the program promised that the fans would be able to speak with me while I was doing the interview....but because of the time constraints.. I wasn't able to chat that much with the fans.. so I didn't spend as much time with them.. Altho I appreciated their patience and understanding very much! I wrote a letter to everyone to thank everyone for their time.. I decided to post this letter everywhere so everyone can share and I hope to thank you all very much as well.. all the fans on Weibo, Facebook and anywhere else.. and please do know that I do care about your support and love very much.. it's just that I had some busy years which I will also explain in the program and in the letter I write.. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Love you all!!


最親愛的朋友們,大家好久不見!之前,”魯豫有約”訪問了我,我之後也得知他們為這個訪問建立了微信群。群裡的歌迷非常可愛熱情。節目組有和他們講在訪問當天他們將可以和我聊天,但是因為時間有限,我沒有能夠和歌迷聊太久,但是我非常感激他們的耐心和理解!我給微信群裡的每個人寫了信感謝他們的時間… 現在我決定也將這封信在其他地方發出來,這樣每個人都可以分享,因為我同時也非常感謝你們所有人 – 所有在微博,Facebook,和其他地方的歌迷。請一定要知道我真的非常在意你們的支持和厚愛… 只是之前我有忙碌的幾年,關於此在節目中和下面的信中我都有解釋… 再次謝謝你們的耐心和理解! 愛你們所有人!!!



Dearest All WeChat Fans....

Thank you so much for your perseverance, support and patience today during my interview. I didn't know quite what was going on.. so I am very sorry if I didn't spend enough time with you during my interview... but do so appreciate all of your dedication and devotion to staying by the phone and spending so much time with me.. I heard some of you especially arranged for your time to be with me and I am really very grateful for your love.

I do apologize for not being able to spend as much time with you these few years actually.. Firstly.. I'm not too familiar with all the internet communication. There are so many portals.. I'm confused! My Chinese is so limited.. I have to have everything translated and I feel it might be so exhausting for Kuan (my dedicated translator, she has a full time job!), and.. I've really been thru alot .. with the years of illness and passing of my Father which has been THE most devastating event in my life and that I miss him every second of every single day..for the entire last year up till now, I cannot even begin to speak about him without wanting to cry..and really cannot believe I will never see him again in real life... and today Lu Yu asked me.. who is the love of my life.. and now, after thinking abit about it.. I would have to say.. My Father.. My Mother.. My Parents.. are really the love of my life because they are really the closest and dearest to me... and they have given me the most unconditional love that anyone has ever given me.. I feel as if I would never be able to repay what they have done for me.. and I hope I can spend the rest of my life being as good as people as they were.. They are my biggest role models and I must make sure I do everything in my power to make sure my Mother will be taken care of until she has to leave me to join my Father.. and I will be able to feel.. I've done just a SMIDGEON of what they have done for me.. Even then.. I would not be able to compare nor repay.. Now... my Mother is also very ill, but quite feisty, so this needs alot of my attention n support, so my days are full of activities that flurry around my Mothers well being, and my own personal schedules.

But I am deeply and unduly moved by your persistence to be in touch with me.. and to be my support system.. For this.. I feel very BLESSED and MOST FORTUNATE!!! As after all these years and all the time I have spent away.. U have never forgotten me... and for this I can only be a simple phrase.. which is TRULY GRATEFUL..

I don't know what to say actually.. but I hope whatever it is I do.. I wish it will serve as a positive influence to all of you.. I try to be as honest as I possibly can.. and I try to take life as it comes.. I said today that life gives you surprises.. but after the surprises.. you get to choose.. Everyone has an option.. a CHOICE of which path they are going to take.. I feel the only things we have no control of is life and death.. I also have no control of how the Lu Yu interview will be CUT.. hahaa.. I can only HOPE for the best.. they were very nice people so I'm sure it will be... but at least I know whatever I have said.. I said with honesty and with my heart.. I will take it as it comes.. as I agreed to do this show.. and I agreed, KNOWING.. I would not be editing the outcome.. so I will trust the Producer to give their best management over the production of my interview... and how it all turns out.. so.. I will rely on how lucky I am that they will portray me as I am! I just hope you would all enjoy the show and the interview itself.. as the whole point of appearing on this interview is for all of you!

I know some of you are very young... I hope you will be able to embrace life.. and embrace life's pressures.. and life;s benefits.. The good is easy.. and the bad is difficult.. but sometimes after a bad thing.. comes a good thing.. but it's up to you to get to the pot of gold.. and no one can tell you it will be easy.. there will be bad times.. of course there will.. if there weren't bad times.. we wouldn't be able to learn from life.. Life is school itself.. it's a lifelong education.. and you have the power in your own brain and heart to make a HUGE DIFFERENCE to your own life!!! Don't be afraid of pressure because you just need to expect it will come your way.. and create all sorts of challenges to you.. Take each one as they come.. and learn to weather the storm! U will get better as it goes, as you will accumulate and retain many valuable skills with each challenge!!

So.. finally.. I wish YOU ALL, incredible amounts of Happiness.. as Happiness is the KEY to a great life.. We were put onto this earth to face all its challenges, one after another.. they will never stop, so we might as well embrace them, learn something from them all, and find our higher ground.. find its purpose.. as I believe all life has a purpose! I believe HAPPINESS has the highest Value above ALL ELSE.. it's something money CANNOT buy.. and no man can buy this for a woman and no woman can buy this for a man.. Happiness is something you must attain for yourself, in order to attain for everyone else around you! My Prayers are for all of you to find that Happiness WITHIN YOURSELF.. and once you find that.. you will find you can conquer ANYthing! Never find a reason to be sad...soo.. I wish GOODNESS to all of you! Wishing you all the best.. and Keep in touch!! With Love always..

Most gratefully yours… Sally




實際上,我想為在過去的幾年沒能和你們共處更多的時間而道歉… 首先,我對所有的互聯網社交並不是很熟悉… 有太多的門戶途徑… 令我頭大!我中文也很有限… 所有東西我都不得不找人翻譯,而我覺得這對於Kuan來說可能太辛苦了 (我的專職翻譯,她也有自己的全職工作!) 而且…我真的經歷了很多,我的父親生病幾年,最終去世了,這是我一生中經歷的最大打擊。我每一天的每秒鐘都在想念他;在過去的整整一年,直到今日,每次開始提起他我仍然會想哭,真是不能相信在現實的生活中我將永遠不能再見到他了。今天魯豫問我,我這一生最愛的人是誰… 現在,想了一下之後,我不得不說,我的爸爸,媽媽,我的父母,真的是我一生所愛,因為他們真的是和我最親近和親愛的,並且他們也給了我這世間另一個人能給我的最最無條件的愛。我感覺我永遠也不能償還他們所為我做的,而我希望在之後的生命中,可以做像他們那樣好的人。他們是我最大的榜樣,而我必須盡我所能確保我媽媽得到最好的照顧,直到她必須離開我去和爸爸重聚。而即使我做到這些,我也仍會覺得,與他們為我做的相比,我為他們做得太少太少了。即使到那個時候,我仍然無法同他們比較,對他們仍然無以回報… 現在,我媽媽仍然病重,但是爭強好勝,所以她需要我很多的關注,支持與照顧,所以我的每一天都被照顧媽媽健康之事宜和我自己的個人日程排得滿滿的。

但是我真的對你們為了和我保持聯繫而付出的堅持深深的,極度的感激。也非常感激你們做我的支持和後盾。這讓我感覺非常的有福氣,非常的幸運!!! 這麼多年過去了,這麼多年我不在圈中,而你們從來沒有忘記我… 對此我只能用一句簡單的話來表達我的感受,那就是:我真的非常感激…

其實我並不知道應該講什麼… 但是我希望,無論我做什麼… 都是對你們有正面的影響的… 我試圖做到盡可能的誠實,並且試圖接受人生中所發生的一切。我覺得,人生可能在某天有事發生令你猝不及防,但是這些驚訝過後,我們便可以做出自己的選擇。每個人都可以做選擇…選擇他們要走的路。我覺得在人生中,我們唯一不能控制的就是生與死… 我也不能控制我這期 “魯豫有約“ 會被怎樣剪接… 哈哈… 我只能期待最好的結果... 他們是非常好的人,所以我確定結果也會很好… 但是至少我知道無論我說了什麼,我都是誠實的,所講的也是發自內心。我會接受最後的結果,因為我同意了去做這個節目,而且我同意的時候已經知道不會是由我來做最後的編輯。所以我相信製作人會給予我這期訪問的製作和最後的結果最好的管理,所以,他們是否會描述勾畫出真實的我,就要看我有多幸運了! 我只是希望你們都會享受觀看這個節目和這期訪問… 因為出現在這個訪問中的全部目的就是為了你們所有人!

我知道你們中的一些人非常的年輕… 我希望你們可以擁抱生活,擁抱生活的壓力,也擁抱生活的贈予。經歷好事是容易的,經歷壞事是困難的,但是有些時候,壞事發生之後會有好事發生,這就取決於你自己去尋得最後那桶金。沒有人能告訴你那是容易的,人生肯定會有困難的時刻,當然會有,但是如果沒有困難的時刻,我們就不會從人生中學到任何東西。人生本身是一個學校,是我們的終身教育… 而在你的心中和頭腦中,你擁有選擇權去為你自己的人生創造出巨大的不同!!! 別怕壓力,只需要明白無論如何它們都會來並迎頭而上,明白它們會為你帶來各種考驗。當它們來的時候就去應對它們,並且學習經歷暴風雨! 在過程中你會越來越好,越來越強大,因為每接受一個挑戰,你都會積累並且保存有用的技能和經驗!!

所以…最後… 我祝愿你們所有人有很多很多不可思議的開心… 因為開心是一個好的人生最重要的關鍵… 我們被放到這個地球上來面對它的所有挑戰,一個又一個,它們從來都不會停,所以我們最好就去擁抱它們吧,從中學到東西,並找到我們自己的高地,找到人生的意義所在… 因為我相信人生是有它的意義的! 我相信“開心” 和其他所有相比擁有最高價值… 這不是能用金錢買到的… 沒有任何一個男人可以為一個女人買到開心,也沒有女人可以為男人買到… 開心,幸福,是我們只能自己為自己贏得的,而這同時也是為了給你周圍的所有人帶來開心! 我的祈禱是希望你們所有人都從自己的內心中,從自己的內在尋得快樂… 而當你們一旦找到,你會發現你可以征服任何事! 別因為任何事情而悲傷…我祝愿你們所有人都很好! 希望你們都得到最好的… 並且保持聯繫!!! 永遠愛你們的…

以及最感激你們的… Sally

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