Sally Yeh Having A Big Cup of Coffee - 26 July 2015

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It's NOT SOUP!!! 這不是湯!!!

Can Use Sugar and MILK!! 可以加糖和奶哦!!

I don't think I can swallow this huge BOWL! Enough for 3 ahhh.... 我不認為我能喝掉這麼大一碗! 足夠三個人喝了啊 ...


Unbelievable! It's a CUPPA CHHINNNOOO!!! Disguised as a BOWL of soup! With Sweet cubes of yums!

想像不到吧! 這其實是...卡布奇諾!!! 被裝扮成一碗湯的樣子! 還配上甜甜的方糖塊!

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