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Fans watch in shock as Lam falls

THE stage was set and the lights were bright - maybe a little too bright for actor and singer George Lam, 55.

Halfway into the performance of his first song as guest star on Lisa Wang Ming-chuen's concert, George shocked the 10,000-strong audience by appearing to walk directly into a big hole in the stage, reported Hong Kong newspapers.

The 2m-deep hole was part of the stage design that incorporated a platform that acted as an elevator to raise and lower performers on the stage.

Lisa had earlier descended through the hole for a costume change. The platform was supposed to have come back up, but did not.

To the horror of his fans, George - known affectionately as Ah-Lam to his Hong Kong fans - fell right in.

In that dramatic moment, the audience jumped to their feet roaring.

The music stopped.

George, who is well-known to the English-speaking audience for his Guinness stout ads, did not re-appear.

Lisa, who came on stage just moments later to join him in a duet, had no idea that he had fallen and was about to start singing when she was stopped by Alan Tam Wing-lun, another guest star.

So shocked was Lisa that, for a moment, she lost her cool, unflappable diva posture and exclaimed: 'Did he fall in head first?'

Alan told the audience that George was all right, but an ambulance arrived some time later at 9.35pm and took the semi-conscious singer to Kowloon's St Teresa's Hospital.

George's wife, singer Sally Yeh, rushed to the scene.

Said Alan, who saw George immediately after the fall: 'He looked like he was hurt. He was very shaken, but he kept saying he was only a little dizzy and was all right.'


Apple Daily reported that George became unconscious after the fall, but it is not clear exactly when and for how long. He was reported to have come around backstage and was seen throwing up.

The paper also said that a head scan was performed immediately upon George's admission to St Teresa's.

It said hospital sources revealed that two 'darker regions' had shown up in both the left and right sides of the singer's brain, and that doctors suspected they were blood clots.

George was apparently sent into intensive care and specialists called in. However, his management has denied the report and said he was only under observation.

Newspapers reported that Sally was visibly distressed and ran alongside George's bed as nurses wheeled him to his room.

Lisa and many of the other guest stars at the concert also rushed to the hospital after the concert to see George.

They told reporters that George appeared well and was able to chat with them.

Lisa, who was at the hospital for an hour, said he appeared to be fine. She had bravely continued with the concert despite not knowing if George was all right.

At the end of the night, however, she broke down in tears from the stress.

Guest singer Andy Lau assured the audience halfway through the concert that George was all right.

However, neurologist Wang Cheng-sia said this was no indication that it was an all-clear.

He said the presence of shadows in the X-ray indicated that the injury was serious and there might be swelling in the brain.

Seen so soon after the fall, such signs show that the the injury could be substantial, he said.

Neurology expert Wang Ka-shing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong said that blood clots appearing in both the left and right sides of the brain could mean that a blood vessel had burst.

This was not a good sign, he said, adding that, in a fall, clots usually appear in only one side of the brain.

He also said the patient could be conscious and appear lucid shortly after the incident, but that the condition could worsen.

George and Sally were in Singapore just a week ago as part of their world tour. They performed to a 9,000-strong audience at the Suntec City Convention Centre last Saturday.

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George Lam in intensive care after falling during concert
HONG KONG -- Veteran Hong Kong singer George Lam Tse-cheung was in intensive care but in stable condition after falling into a hole on stage during a live performance, local media reported on Saturday.

George Lam - seen here with his wife, singer Sally Yeh, during their concert last Saturday at the Suntec City Convention Centre - lost consciousness after falling into a 2.5 metre-deep hole while performing on stage.

The 55-year-old Canto-pop singer fell down a 2.5m hole that appeared after a movable platform on stage was lowered on Friday night, video footage on local network TVB showed.

Hong Kong's Commercial Radio reported that Lam was in intensive care at St Teresa's Hospital, while TVB said he was in stable condition.

Police spokesman Margaret Ho said a man named Lam had been admitted to St Teresa's with injuries to the back of his head and his ear, but she declined to give his full name.

Staff at the private hospital said they had no admission record for the singer and so could not provide an update on his condition. It is not uncommon for celebrities to check into medical facilities and hotels under false names.

The semi-retired Lam was making a guest appearance at a concert by veteran TV actress-singer Lisa Wang at Hong Kong's Coliseum.

Pictures printed on the front page of the Oriental Daily News showed Lam was still singing into his microphone as his right foot stepped into the hole.

Another picture showed the singer vanishing into the stage, with his left arm and leg still protruding from the hole.

Lam, who shot to stardom more than two decades ago, has appeared in several movies and is a noted music composer. In recent years, he has mostly stayed out of the limelight. -- AP

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George Lam falls into hole on stage
HONG KONG - Veteran singer George Lam did a disappearing act in front of more than 10,000 concert-goers on Friday night.

Lam plunged into a 2.5m-deep hole in front of a shocked audience while he was performing his first song. He is in hospital and is in stable condition. --ORIENTAL DAILY

He walked right into a hole on stage.

The moustachioed star was rushed to hospital after falling into the 2.5m-deep hole.

Doctors yesterday said his condition was stable, according to Hong Kong reports.

The reports also said X-rays showed there could be swelling in the brain.

The 55-year-old was a guest performer at the concert of veteran star Lisa Wang.

Her other guests included big-timers Andy Lau, Alan Tam and Adam Cheng.

Tam, who saw Lam immediately after the fall, said he 'looked like he was hurt'.

'He was very shaken, but kept saying he was only a little dizzy and was all right.'

The hole is part of the stage design which includes a platform that allows performers to be raised or lowered.

Reports said Wang had left the stage through the hole for a costume change, but the platform somehow did not return to its original position.

Unaware that something was amiss, Lam was midway through his first song when he fell.

His wife, singer Sally Yeh, rushed to the hospital to see him shortly after.

Wang, who was shaken by the mishap, and many of her guest stars also visited Lam after the concert.

They later told reporters that he appeared well and was able to chat with them.

Lam and his wife were in Singapore just last weekend, when they held a concert at the Suntec City Convention Centre.

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