Shanghai Trip 29 April 2013

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Have U ever seen? Biggest Souffle' on the PLANET!! But SOO DELICIOUS!! 你們有見過這個嗎? 這個星球上最大的梳乎厘(蛋奶酥)!! 很美味!!

Big Smile after dessert in Langham Hotel SH!! 在上海朗廷酒店吃過甜品後的大大笑容!!

Great Flight and Take home BIG DOGGIE bag from SH Restaurant! 飛行愉快... 還帶回家從上海飯店打包的大袋食物!

My Friend trying to steal my MAN SHOES heehee.. Or.. other way around? 我朋友試圖偷我的男人鞋... 呵呵... 還是其實是反過來的?

Trying to help the Cockpit crew in my Friends PJ! Flying back from SH! 在朋友的私人飛機駕駛艙中幫幫手! 從上海飛回家途中!

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