Victoria Trip 2013

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Sally in Victoria: I walked over often @ lunch time Elementary for the best fish and chips EVER!! 沙麗在維多利亞: 上小學的時候, 我經常在午餐時間走去這家吃飯, 他們有最好的炸魚和薯條!

Welcome to Brady’s!! Looks same in 2013 as it did in 1970! I always have to come here everytime I go to Victoria.. 歡迎來到Brady's!! 2013年的這裡和1970年的時候看上去一樣! 每次我去維多利亞都要到這裡來!

LOOK AT THAT!!! YUMMYYYYY!!! 看看這是什么!!! 美味!!!

Sorry no make up.. but don’t look at me.. LOOK AT THE FISH!! That’s the ONLY fish I will eat!! 對不起沒有化妝... 不過別看我... 看魚!! 這是我唯一會吃的魚!!

Like my name? I drew it on my wall when I was 13!! 喜歡我的名字嗎? 這是我在13歲的時候自己畫到牆上的!!

Whose steak is BIGGER!!!??? 誰的牛排更大!!!???

Good to the BONE!!! SLURP!! 一直到骨頭都很美味!!! SLURP!!


CATCH! 接住啦!



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